Monday, August 19, 2013

8 Weeks! Pictures tell only part of the story!

On Day1 , June 24, 2013, I was 203 Pounds, 24% Body Fat and had a 38 inch waist! Yikes! In the small picture below you can see "My Former Self" slowly fading away!

Yesterday on Day 56, August 18, 2013, I weighed 182 Pounds, measured 16% Body Fat and had a little less than 34 inch waist.

Smiling @ 182 Pounds!
My Former Self
But the pictures tell only part of the story. I have found in 8 weeks that what kept me from achieving any success in the past was what was inside my head rather than some formula that gets me in shape.

I look and the difference of eight weeks but can see further than what the pictures show. Not only is it the daily habits of eating right and enjoying my activity but striving to be in a state of happiness.

Sure persistence and determination drive me every day but happiness with myself and my world are just as important and I see a happier, energetic soul with more of the essence of who I am.

I still have ups and downs and feel as though I have a long way to go. But I am on my way!

I wish you the same!

Health and Happiness!


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