Monday, October 14, 2013

Time to get back on the horse

The expression, "Time to get back on the horse" would imply that perhaps you have failed or got hurt doing something, so the only thing to do when you fail is to get back on "the horse" and put your fears aside.

For me, the "horses" I ride are health, happiness, education, writing and what I do to earn a living.

Sometimes if one of those go, the rest tend to suffer. Relax a little on my workouts and I may not write as much. Don't take the time to read today and my work might suffer.

If your dreams of a healthy and happy life are the products of whether or not you are doing the things you love to do, why aren't you doing them?

I ask myself this everyday... So today I will read, write, workout and do what I love!

What will you do?

Health and Happiness!


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